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About Kandui

Kandui Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of Green Ceramics.  Their innovative manufacturing process employs the groundbreaking MICROfactorie™ waste-to-product technology, transforming discarded glass and textiles into high-quality products for the built environment.

As an official MICROfactorie™ licensee, Kandui has an exclusive commercial partnership with the University of NSW, SMaRT Centre to manufacture Green Ceramics. 


Proudly Australian certified and a member of the Australian Tile Council, Kandui is committed to delivering environmentally conscious solutions for the built environment. 

Kandui embraces the future of interior design and construction with Green Ceramics - creating spaces where style, function, and sustainability seamlessly come together.

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Kandui is passionate about reimagining waste and its endless possibilities.



The Kandui Story

(Kandui:  can-DO-ee).  Founded 2021.


Rewind ten years, Kandui’s Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Douglas, was managing a recycling social enterprise for a leading Australian charity. Illegal dumping was a constant and growing issue, in particular the dumping of large, bulky items like mattresses. Rather than adding to the rising landfill problem, Andrew saw potential value in mattresses. By extracting the mattress components, such as steel, timber, and textile, these components could be individually repurposed. However, it proved more difficult to find a solution for the perceived low value textile component.

Over the next few years, Andrew continued researching and trialling recycling processes. During this time, Andrew attended a sustainability conference and crossed paths with Professor Veena Sahajwalla from the SMaRT Centre @UNSW. Andrew presented the mattress textile problem to Veena, and as a result, a valued partnership was formed.

The SMaRT centre team began research and development on a solution to the problematic textile.

Built over many years of research and overcoming difficult challenges along the way, the SMaRT centre paved the way, transforming a problematic waste stream into a high performing material that can be remanufactured into engineered products. By using science and revolutionary MICROfactorie™ waste to product technology, the SMaRT Centre engineers developed Green Ceramics.

Fast forward to 2021, Kandui became the first MICROfactorie™ licensee and exclusive manufacturer of Green Ceramics. Today, Kandui continues to work closely with the SMaRT Centre team as their commercial partner, manufacturing Green Ceramics for the built environment.  


On a final note: Where does the name Kandui come from? It’s a play on words, derived from a ‘can-do-it’ attitude and regarded as one of the best surfing locations in the world, Kandui.
(Founder Andrew is an keen surfer).

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