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Where can I buy Green Ceramics?

Green Ceramics are made to order and are not available on the retail market. For further information refer to our Order page.


Who manufactures Green Ceramics?

Kandui Technologies (Kandui) is the exclusive manufacturer of Green Ceramics and the first company to become an official MICROfactorie™ licensee, using smart, innovative technologies to remanufacture waste into new products. 


Kandui has partnered with The SMaRT Centre at UNSW, who has developed revolutionary MICROfactorie™ waste to product technologies to remanufacture waste materials into products for the built environment.

Kandui is proudly an Australian certified company and a member of the Australian Tile Council.

What size tiles and surfaces are available?

See our size range here

Green Ceramics are made to order, and a range of finishes can be achieved, this is dependent on the waste materials used. Kandui can replicate a range of designs including, but not limited to, marble, concrete, and terrazzo.  Kandui works with their clients to create sustainable spaces that embody beauty and history.

Green Ceramics can be used on floors, walls, wet areas, as bench tops, feature walls, splash backs, bench faces.  

How can I get a sample/s?

Refer to our Order page.


What colours are available?

As Green Ceramics are made to order, options are extensive. We work with our clients to develop a surface that meets their design requirements.


Are Green Ceramics made from waste?

Green Ceramics are made from waste glass and textile.

Can clients incorporate their own waste into the design?

Yes! Where possible we encourage clients to input their own waste into the design. Examples include building waste, old company uniforms.  


How long do Green Ceramics take to make?

This depends on our production schedule at the time, quantity, and complexity of design. If it is a tile/surface that we have previously manufactured, this will eliminate some time.


Is there a minimum order?

It really depends on your project and timing. It’s best to contact us to discuss.


Price range?

Refer to our Order page.

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